Free live Flight Radar.

Flight radarWelcome to our website! Free live flight tracking on radar! Through the free flight radar, you have the ability to track flights and see where the plane of your boyfriend / girlfriend or family member is currently located. This of course is not only useful but also fun. Above this text you see a radar with the live flights, click on a plane to see the details of the flight.

The best way to find the aircraft you are looking for, click on the plus sign on the radar to zoom in. Departs from Schiphol someone to zoom in as close as possible at Schiphol / Amsterdam.


With our free live flight radar, you have an overview of the air traffic over our country. With the flight radar, you also have the right information about the aircraft, where the unit is standing and the characteristics of the airplane. You see the speed, altitude and distance from the plane, you will also see how many kilometers/miles the device still needs to fly to the destination. In short, with our free flight tracking radar you get a good understanding of what’s going on above you.

If you see a circle with a question mark on the radar is often a private plane, these are often private jets with a private owner. On the radar has to view all the traffic thus also the small aircraft.

Suppose you have just dropped your friends or family on a airport for their flight to New York. Once at home you secretly be curious about where they are. Through the internet you can now easily track where a specific plane is. Following the plane to New York is therefore a piece of cake.

“There are several online websites with flight radars and just a handful of those sources give informative data. On our website you can simple follow different flight radars”

The map of Flightradar24 focuses right on your current location. Real time you can see the movements of the aircrafts and with the click of a button, you are in another part of the world. Also nice is the playback function.

360 cockpit view

Always wanted to be a pilot, but you are not qualified enough or to young? On this cool website 360 movie you can experience how it is to fly in a Airbus A320. So buckle up and fly from Geneve to Zurich in this awesome plain. 360 movie cockpit flight

360-movie cockpit flight
360-movie cockpit flight

Flight Radar app. 

You can also download the flight radar on your smart phone or tablet, click here to download. Our website is designed so that you can visit our website via the phone or tablet.

Military government aircraft you do not see often but you can meet them.

You can follow all flights worldwide, someone leaves from America, you can also follow this so that you know exactly when they arrive, all flights on the radar are live

The further you zoom out on the radar the more flights you see, so more difficult to find the right flight. Then zoom in as far as possible. You will now see a lot less flights and therefore easier to find the right flight to follow. At the bottom of this page a radar of CASPER, here you can also fill in flight numbers.

Are flight rr friends/family. You can with the abadar is not only easy but also fun. Its amazing to see how many flight are above you .if you have a flight number you can enter it below to view the flight.



Questions? about us and the Flight radar.

We are always working to improve our website and the flight radar. We try together with you as a visitor to our free flight radar to a large success. Enjoy our website and if you have any questions you can always send us a message with our contact form. Click here to contact us.

On are website you can…..
-Follow flight with a flight number.
-Follow Live flights.
-Follow live flight on the internet.
-Follow a flight from a friend or family member.
-Download the flight radar app .Click here.
-Watch the flights radar worldwide.
-Questions about are Plane radar? Click here.
-Flight arrivals. Click here.
-Watch are ship radar. Click here.

A flight from another country is also possible, the above radar is world-wide. All airlines are showing up on the radar.

Our website is made so that you can track a flight mobile, you a don’t need to download a app for  it and certainly not pay for it, if you want to download the flight radar 24 app? Click here for the flight app.

The flight radar on this website is not owned by but from Flightradar24 and CASPER.

With our free flight radar you can monitor air traffic over our country. Our free aircraft radar offers information about the airplanes , where the unit is and the properties of the planes. Also speed, altitude , how many distance the plane traveled and the distance which is left for the plane before it reaches its final destination. Our free aircraft radar was developed to give people an insight into everything that happened in the huge skies of the world. So we are not only aware of speed, altitude and distance , but also on the specifications of the device. In short , with our free aircraft radar you get a full insight into everything that happened above you.

We are constantly improving our free Flight radar . We find it important to communicate our information as well and quickly as possible to you as a visitor. We are always looking for new information and techniques to improve our free flights radar. Good luck with spotting aircraft’s, and hope to see you at

Ship Radar.

New on are website,  you can also watch a ship radar.  Watch all ships around the world.  This is also a cool Radar.  You can watch a fishing ship, cruise ship, marine ship or  container ships.   Click here to watch the ships online. 

Flight Arrivals.

If you want a overview of the recent flight arrivals times of different airport.  This is very useful if you have to pick up someone at the airport. Click here for more information.

Get all your airline flight information on our site. Its amazing to see how many flight are above you, you will be amazed.

Everone can watch the flight radar, its free and fun,  you can watch all over the world.  If you want to watch flights in the Netherlands you can go to the Netherlands and if you want to watch flight in New york you can watch flight in New york.  You can watch for fun or you can watch for a plane you expect maybe with your family on it.