Tracking ships online for Free!

ship radarof course it is nice to see how many planes are above you on this moment. But there is more. Ships are very cool to! just here above there is a ship radar and you can see how many ships sail worldwide or just in your country. This ship radar is not only fun. You can also select details to find just the right ship you are looking for!

When there is a cruise ship within the port or when you get your goods where they are fishing.
Its a very nice ship radar.



It is a very nice radar and accurate ship radar. you can use this radar with our website online or just check your smartphone. When you see a ship getting in to the port you can track it right away. you exactly know what ship is coming and which ship is leaving.

Ship Radar app.

You can use ship finder on your mobile device to live track and trace ships all over the world. Ship Finder has an easy and intelligent design and puts you in control of everything. Do you love ships? or are you sailing yourself sometimes? This app is then a real must have. Ship radar is available on you’re Smartphone as on you’re tablet. On both IOS and Android devices.

There is now a new special mode/ feature on Ship finder! It is called AR mode. You just have to simply point your apple device at the ships to find out what they are! This will save you a lot of time looking for the right ship. Just use you’re camera in the Ship Radar app and you instantly see what kind of ship it is and what it is doing! That is what i call easy fun!

Download your ship Finder here!


Android: (paid version)

IOS Iphone:(free version) (paid version)

IOS ipad (free version) (paid version)


If you just want to watch our flight radar.  Click here.